Sunday, September 2, 2012

Link A Day

This week has been crazy!  Nicco started school and it already seems like we are in the routine of it.  It has only been three days so we shall see how we feel after this next week!  He is doing really well so far and he says he loves it.  The second morning, however, he told us that he went to school yesterday and doesn't want to go again today.  It secretly made me happy that he still loves being home more!  I ended up working a lot more this last week so I haven't gotten a thing done that I wanted to do.  Between work and family/home life everything else gets pushed off to the side to do another day.  Sigh....  We also got to see my nephew be baptized yesterday.  It was so so emotional for me.  I am not sure why but the second I saw him and my brother I started getting teary eyed.  I am becoming a sentimental boob in my old age!  They had a wonderful luncheon afterwards.  So we got to visit with family.  There was good food and good conversation.  The whole family doesn't get together as often as we would like.  It was lovely!  I shouldn't say whole family-  one of my brother is in the hospital getting over a bout of cellulitis :(.  His wife stayed there with him- so we missed out on getting to have them with us.  It has been a great week all in all though!

ON to some links!

Check out this card!  And since you are over there check out the whole shop.  I love getting and sending cards.  Who doesn't really?  Although I am not going to lie- I am not good at sending them.

Someday when I have my own home I want to have a staring contest party.  I think it sounds hilarious!

And this is what we would eat at said party!  Soup is comfort food for me and the second I need to start wearing jackets I am going to make soup for a week straight!

Thread art.  That is all.  No really.  Amazeballs.

I am starting to think about fall.  And all the lovely things that go with fall.  Like clothes!  I love 
this little DIY to embellish a denim shirt.  Now to find the perfect denim shirt!

Speaking of fall- I want these wedges!  They are perfect for the transition into fall and even winter with tights.

This recipe/tutorial for making perfect brown rice has been tested repeatedly in my home.  It works like a charm!  No more crunchy brown rice for us.

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