Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sunday Song on Tuesday!

Okay this is not by far the best version of this song.  But I loved this when I was younger!  Again I like Michael Jackson singing his own song best but this is a neat version!  It is funny if nothing else.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday's Favorite Photo #1!

Isn't she adorable?!  I gotta say that she is the most lovely baby girl a momma could hope for!  She is a firecracker.  She is the boss and she makes sure that everyone is aware of it.  That song 'Whatever Lola Wants Lola Gets' from Damn Yankees is pretty accurate!  But she can be a very compassionate little one too.  She has this scream that could wake the dead!  Like she should be in horror films.  Then she turns around and has the tiniest little voice when she wants.  You kind of have to do a double take!  She is so full of energy and has a big personality.  I swear she sometimes cries because her spirit is too big for her tiny body and she gets frustrated and upset.  I am so in love with her!  She is happy and funny and supra great!     

This is my favorite photo from this week.  It isn't the best in composition or the prettiest picture but it shows Lola's personality perfectly.  And her outfit there is pretty standard for her.  The second we walk in the door she starts leaving a trail of clothes behind her.  As a matter of fact she would probably run around naked all day everyday if we let her.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Garden Boxes

We decided to become a little more self sufficeint and teach the kiddos about growing and taking care of plants this year.  SO we made ourselves a little garden using garden boxes.  We actually built those bad boys!  Yeah I know that is small potatoes to some people but for us it is a crazy big deal!  We have planted carrots, anaheim peppers, cherokee purple tomatoes, pineapple tomatoes and spaghetti squash.  We are also planning on doing some potato towers, green beans, jalapenos and lemon cucumbers.  

Our boxes are 3' by 9' by 1'.  Essentially all we did was pick out some pine boards that were 12' and had the wonderful guys down at Home Depot cut three feet off each one for the ends.  Then screwed them together and staked them to the ground.  Easy Peasy!

The above picture show the stakes.  We used 18" stakes.

This little birdy is our mascot.  What is a garden without a little whimsy?  We are currently on the look out for a brightly colored gnome.  No garden is complete without a gnome! 

If anyone is interested in more detailed instructions on the boxes leave a comment and let me know!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sunday Songs on Monday

 I really enjoy the Foo Fighters.  Especially lately.  That is mostly because they remind me of my handsome husband.  David Grohl might be one of the only men who could steal my husband away.  Notice I say ONE of the only?  Yeah my husband has a thing for musicians!

Friday, May 20, 2011


Have you heard of 20X200?  It is so awesome!  It was started by a woman named Jen Bekman.  She had a dream of making art affordable for everyone while still being fair for the artist.  I would say she has succeeded! This little piece of artwork is en route to my home as we speak.  It is called Momento Vitae by the artist Alexander Beeching.  I might or might not have a thing for skulls.  Why you ask?  Yeah I don't know.  But I love them!  I can't wait to get my print and matte and frame it.  I will of course share pictures of the finished project.  Oh and for the record that little baby cost me 20 bucks! 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

baa baa black faced sheep

My family is fortunate enough to have a sheep ranch up in Park City.  It has been in the family for... well as long as the pioneers have been here in the Valley.  It is still a working ranch.  I haven't been as involved with the ranch as I should have been my whole life but I love going up there and have plans of going up a lot this summer to escape the heat in SLC.  We went up this last weekend to get some dirt for our garden boxes.  It is insane how wonderful the dirt is!  My mom always jokes that it will grow hair on a billiard ball.  Which is probably true!  It was a really neat experience.  We haven't been up there since Nicco was a tiny baby.  My dad is the one driving the tractor.  He grew up at the ranch so he had plenty of stories!  It is fun to see him up there.  It is like the past year and a half of health issues just melted away.  Like he was really in his element.  I am glad we created some memories with him up there.      

Here are some of the pictures we took while up there:

I have a little funny story from while we were up there.  Lola would pick up a rock and get so excited about it. She would run up and show whatever adult was closest.  Then she would look down and see another rock and throw the one down she was holding and yell "ROCK!"  Then run to someone else to show them this new rock which was apparently the most amazing rock she had ever seen.  That is until she looked down and yelled "ROCK!" and pick up a new one.  The whole hill was covered in rocks so we had a lot to go through!  She did that for about a half hour straight.  It was hilarious and so so sweet!  Then she started trying to sneak every one she found in the trailer with the dirt.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hexagon Nut bracelet

SO in true copycat fashion I jumped on the bandwagon and made a hexagon nut bracelet.  They have been all over the blog world!  I loosely followed the tutorial to make them on Honestly... WTF?  Which is a blog I might be totally in love with.  She braided hers but I couldn't make it work braided so I kind of weaved it.  I did the cord extra long so I could wrap it twice.  I absolutely love the outcome!  I can't wait to see how it layers up with other bracelets.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Peony season in Paris

OMG!  These pictures are so so amazing.  Peony season in Paris?! How amazing would it be to see this?   My mother has two Peony bushes in front of her house that have been there since before I was born.  I remember them as a little girl when the house was my grandparents home.  When they bloom they are around for about a week before they wilt.  They come and go so quickly.  My mom always takes them to my grandparents grave site as soon as they bloom.  They are one of my all time favorite flowers.  Probably in part because of the sentimental aspect.  I might be in love with the bright pink ones below though!  I might be searching around town for a bush with blooms that color.