Saturday, September 29, 2012

Weekend Links

I have nothing to report this week!  I do but I really want to get outside with my family and enjoy the nice cool weather while it lasts.  So on to the weekend links.

These state prints from q.a. designs are wicked cute!  And it is a free download to boot!

I know that everyone is a little sick of Gotye's Somebody That I Used To Know.  But I am still enamored!  Especially with this version.

I love handmade things- I have always said I would rather pay a bit more and buy something handmade.  Check out these shoes by ELF!  Considering the quality and that they are leather they really aren't expensive.  Well they are for me right now but I want some!!

Need a pick me up?  Look at this list of 10 ways to improve your day.

This is a shirt that my both my kids and I can love.  Freaking awesome!

This Victorian Artificial arm looks like an art piece to me!  Weird that is was a functioning artificial arm.  It is beautiful!

I am starting to really think about Christmas.  It is coming whether we want to admit it or not.  I choose to proclaim it from the mountain tops.  It is the most wonderful time of the year!  Pun so so intended.  Any who..... I think Lola needs one of these Gnome babies under the tree! 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Can you see those happy colors up on the mountain there?!  It is happenin' people!  I am happy that it is fall!  I am grateful for the weather change.  I am not a hot weather sort of person.  The season changes really make me wonder at the world.  And wonder at an awesome God who created it for us and with us in mind!  We are supposed to have beauty in our lives!  I can't deny it when I see those oranges and reds and golden yellows. 

OH and the smells of fall!  The damp leaf smell and fires burning.  Ginger and clove.  Oh yes I love the smells of this time of year.  Plus I love pumpkin- like a lot.  The color, smell and taste of pumpkin.  This is the only time of year I eat pumpkin flavored things.  It makes it more special for me. 

Fall is motivating for me too.  I am not sure why that is but I feel crazy motivated to do a million and one things!  So many projects- so little time!  My creativity gland swells 12x during this crisp season.  I feel unstoppable!  I wish I could bottle up this feeling and make it last all year. 

Well I am off to burn the autumn candle at both ends.  I don't mind as long as it smells like spiced apples!


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Easy Spiced Cider

I love fall!  The sounds, the sights, the smells (I will say this about the Christmas season as well!) and of course the tastes!  Pumpkin spice and all things nice.  One thing that screams autumn to me is apple cider.  I have a crazy easy and crazy fast spiced apple cider recipe for you.  It is slightly adapted from this recipe

Spiced Cider

1 12oz can of frozen apple juice concentrate- 
mixed with water according to directions
1/2 c. red hots candy
1/2 cup brown sugar

Mix all ingredients in a medium pot and simmer until red hots are dissolved.  Bingo bango.

Easy and fast and bueno!  I think I like the more complicated recipe a bit better but I can't complain considering it cost me two dollars and about 15 minutes of my time.  It gets super red so it would be fun for Halloween night after the festivities to warm up.  OH and it is pretty sweet so you can really omit the brown sugar but it is nice when you sip it.  Plus I feel like the brown sugar gives it a little more depth of flavor.  I found the red hots candy in the baking section in the bulk goods at WINCO.  It was the twonkie brand and they were called cinnamon imperials.  

Monday, September 24, 2012

Hand Stamped Pashmina Scarf

I feel like I should celebrate fall a little.  So how about this next week is all about fall?!  

Cool temps come with fall and scarves come with cool weather.  I have 3 of the exact same pashmina style scarves.  Nick brought them home to me last year from a store he has inventoried.  They were a gift with purchase that apparently no one wanted.  I decided to figure out something fun to do with them but it was a when I get around to it kind of thing.  Well finally a year later I am gettin' around to it.  At least around to one.  

I hand stamped it using this post from Kelli Murray's blog as inspiration.  I love the way it turned out!  I love the rough and uneven look.  I eyeballed the placement and I love that it really looks hand stamped.

I apologize for the wrinkles and bad lighting.  It was a dark and lazy day today!

I like how it shows the pattern when free hanging.

But I also love when it is all tied up as well!

Adorned From Above

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Songs

Foo Fighters is one of those bands that I can always listen too.  I never need the mood to strike- all though it does often.  I love them that much!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saturday Links

I am going to have to do a full post about the State Fair!  It was so fun.  It was my second time going my whole life.  I went the first time when Nick and I were dating.  Now it will be a yearly tradition.  I don't want to get too into all of it because I could go on forever.  I will say that it was one of those days that makes all the other days of the thankless work that often comes with parenting totally worth it!  The reward I guess.  That makes it sound like every other day sucks and that is not true.  We have good moments and bad every day actually.  But this was a particularly fabulous one!  It seemed like the kick off to Autumn for us too.  Speaking of Autumn- today is the first day of fall!  Are you going to celebrate?  I am trying to think of something to do to kick it off right.  Maybe some spiced apple cider?  Who knows.  Here are some Fall inspired links to get the juices flowing!  

Caramel Apples seem like a fall treat to me.  Yay apple season!

Comfort food like Mac and Cheese is the perfect way to end a cool day.

A loverly DIY wool poncho to stay warm on an Autumn day.

Pumpkin bars sounds perfect.  I have actually had these bars and they are so good!  You can't really go wrong with Paula Deen though.

Fall is the beginning of boot season!  I have a hard time finding boots to fit over my massive calves but I want some for the cold seasons.  I think maybe some short boots are in order.  And I think this DIY boot accessory would be great to change them up!

How fabulous are these hanging leaves?!  So fall!  

Cute little fox plush in a cardigan?  Yeah that looks like fall to me!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Weight Loss week #7

SO you know how when you miss a couple days blogging when you are super busy and you apologize and everyone is okay with it?  I missed a few days this week and all I can say is that I flat out didn't turn the computer on.  I kept thinking I should but I didn't day after day.  And it was fabulous!  So here is my weight loss post a couple days late.  

I haven't lost anything.  I took the week off from the scale last week.  I think that had a lot to do with it. I can't say that I regret it though.  I needed that break.  To be totally honest I am grateful that I didn't gain.  Between the fair last week and the fact that the month of no sugar is over I am a little surprised that I didn't gain a whole mess of weight!  I am back on the wagon again this week.  Keep on keeping on!    

My goal weight loss is two pounds for the week.  I am going to work on portion control and continuing trying to drink all my water.  Last week I mentioned that I want to drink 100 ounces a day.  I have yet to do that.  It is hard!  Maybe I should pull it back to 62 ounces.  That would be more feasible for me considering that I usually drink about 8.  Yeah it is that bad!

On to the pics of the week

 Don't mind my goofy face....

or my less than lovely background....

or my backside ;)

Monday, September 17, 2012

a little update

We have officially been in kindergarten for 3 weeks.  So far so good.  Nicco seems to love it.  Truth be told I think that he has a little tiny crush on his teacher.  I am so loving that!  It is his first crush on someone outside the family.  I was his first or so I like to think.  Sigh....  He gets moony eyed when he sees her.  Talk about great motivation for him to work his tiny tail off!  I don't blame him for loving her because she is gorgeous and nice and fun.  She is pretty much the epitome of Kindergarten teacher.  He has learned how to write his letters up through M so far.  Numbers up to 4.  His 4's are the stuff of legends!  They are so good.  I am a proud momma! 

Lola has started getting into a little routine without Nicco.  She still misses him while he is gone.  She is pushing through and handling it better and better every day.  It is a little sad when we pick him up- she runs up to hug him and he runs from her.  It upsets her a lot.  He is her everything!  She gets him back though so I can't get too upset with the boy!  That girl always gets her revenge ;).  

Nicco has made friends easily.  I however feel awkward on the playground waiting for him.  It is weird that you can stand next to someone practically touching and not speak.  Some of the moms even ignore you if you speak to them.  What the hell?!  I swear it is like high school all over again!  And I am the geeky eyeglass wearing band geek- head gear and all.  Oh well- their loss cause I am rad!  K?!  Rad!  Why is it so hard to make friends as an adult?  Or is it not hard and I am just making it hard?  Why can't we just become friends automatically like kids?  They can both like a rock and all the sudden they are besties.  That has not been my luck as an adult.  I have made some great friends online!  Maybe I don't translate well in the real world.  That could be it seeing as how I am wicked awkward in person.  Like it might not be endearing but just creepy awkward.  I like to think that it is endearing but I might be just fooling myself.  Maybe I try too hard.  Desperation is a stinky cologne and all that. 

 Oh well I am not changing.  I have tried to be anything but myself in the past to please people and make friends.  That sucks so bad.  Nothing is a bigger blow to your self esteem than that- when you decide you aren't good enough without having to be told that by someone else and then it not working out.  You get rejected twice!  Once by yourself and then a second by the other person.  BOO!  I am over it.  I refuse to be anything but me from now on.  If you don't like me then screw you! 

Deep for a little update I think.  That topic has been nagging at me though.  I needed to work it out apparently!        

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Link A Day

This week has been a good one.  Nothing too big to report.  We were able to have lunch with the MIL and SIL.  It was great to see them!  We don't get to spend much time with them.  My MIL has a little pond that attracts geese and ducks and the kids love that.  I didn't have to work as much this week so I was able to take Nicco to school and pick him up two days.  Doing that makes me so so happy.  I have been walking from work to pick him up from school most days.  The timing is perfect.  It is a nice little walk and I get to be there when he is done.  I love being there when he gets out!  He is so excited to see me most days.  I am savoring that because I know there will come a day when he isn't so excited.  Someday he might become to cool for his mom- gasp!  Little does he know that that day is the day I start trying to embarrass him in front of his friends!  MWAHAHAHA!   Oh and we are going to the state fair tonight so there might be a whole crap load of fair posts in the coming week!  YAY!  I have been to the fair exactly one time that I can remember.  Oh the food.  And big yellow slide.  I am excited.  On to the links shall we?  

Bracelets in morse code!  Rad!

Lovely glitter nail DIY using real glitter.  Gold glitter!  SO pretty.

Want to know how to refill a vintage compact?  Thought so!

I want this skull print so badly!  Did I ever tell you how I love skulls?  Because I do.  If you are reading this husband- well you know Christmas is coming and all......

I am a bit obsessed right now with figuring out what is healthy for me and what is not.  So naturally I love this graphic about some of our misconceptions about the topic!  Click through all the little graphics of you have time.  They are all great.

Read this!  I agree up one side and down the other with this mother.  Breastfeeding was a challenge for me and one I couldn't conquer.  Lets all just love each other!

This cherry, coconut and cream tart dessert looks amazing!  So pretty and delicious!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Little Reminders

I had to share this because I feel like I have a lot of short comings as a mother.  I sometimes yell and get told that I am mean.  I am far from perfect but then I will get a reminder that I must not be totally screwing up my kids.  You see that picture right there?  Yeah they did that without me prompting them.  My babies truly love each other.  They are kind and loving towards one another.  I would go as far as saying that they are each others favorite people.  Granted they also really don't enjoy each other at times.  They fight like cats and dogs or like siblings really.  But they turn around and make up and are playing again like little angels 5.5 seconds later.  They make my heart swell!  Life can be rough at times.  We are in a rough patch right now.  Things don't always go my way but I have a happy little family and kids who love each other.  

Plus rough patches have a way of smoothing out eventually.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thankful Thursday

My name is Anne Marie and I am a diet coke addict...  this is where you all say 'hello Anne marie'.  I don't want anyone telling me the negatives about my beverage choice.  I have done my research.  I am aware that it is pretty much pickling me from the inside out as we speak.  I know it is super super bad for me but I am grateful for Diet Coke.  I love it.  I love the burn in my throat when I get that first ice cold sip.  And the little fizzies tickling my nose.  OH yeah!  It helps me get through some days.  Sad but so so true.  Could I sound anymore like a junky?  I know it is killing me and all that noise but I love it?!  I could say that I can quit anytime I want but I just don't want to.  That would be the cherry on the junky sundae.  Any ways........  

Did you know that there is a diet coke website?  For addicts like me?  I actually didn't know until today.  But I am not surprised!  I am not the only one who loves it obviously!  I am an addict and loving every minute of it!  Anyone else out there?  Please say yes!

So today and this week and forever I am grateful for diet coke.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Weight Loss week #6

lots of this has happened this week!

I think today is the day I am supposed to do a weight loss update but I am not going to.  At least not a full post.  I think I have lost weight but I am refusing the scale this week.  I can't bring myself to do it.  That little square of bamboo is starting to rule my life.  Which can be good and bad.  Right now it is bad.  So I am giving it a rest.  I am still working on losing those pounds though.  I haven't given up on the end result by any means.  And I will be back next week with a full on weight loss extravaganza! 

I am still not eating sugar and I still fully endorse that!  I feel great!  I think the next month or so I am going to really concentrate on drinking enough water.  On top of the limited sugar of course.  I know that I am not drinking nearly enough liquid.  Like no where near enough.  My goal is to drink 100 ounces of liquid every day.  I am saying liquid because I am including tea in that 100 ounces.  The first time I did Weight Watchers- yes I did say the first- I think that the majority of my weight loss in the first few weeks was really because of the amount of water I was drinking.  It seemed to be flushing the fat out of my system.  Which might be a pretty accurate description!  At least a lot of toxins any way.   I am hoping that if I can keep up that amount of water over thirty days it will become a habit.  I am trying to replace the bad habits with some good ones.  Every step counts!   

Monday, September 10, 2012

Block Party Crashers

We totally crashed a block party this weekend.  After some major coercing from some friends we headed over.  I still maintain that going to another blocks block party is a bit trashy but they had a bounce house and a snow cone machine.  That is ritzy!  It was free and fun- two things that are deal makers for me lately!  HA!  Needless to say I was pretty glad we went.

Good food and good friends- a great combo!

Bounce house buddies.

Snow cones!  They were a little on the yucky side but the kids lurved them.  They do not have distinguishing tastes!

Lovely night.

It was a good little farewell to summer party.  We almost had to wear jackets on the walk home!  I can't wait for chilly weather.  I love fall and early winter so very much.  I am trying to pretend that I want summer to last but that is a lie!!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Songs

I feel like this song is everywhere.  So sharing it may be a bit redundant but I love it so.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Link A Day

How has your week been?  Mine has been a little more hectic than I like.  I worked a ton.  As a matter of fact I have worked 14 days straight so far.  BOO!  That is not good for the soul.  You know how some people seem to thrive in chaos and hectic scrambling?  Yeah I don't.  Not even kind of.  I enjoy calm days without a lot of plans.  I do appreciate having some activities on the schedule but really I am a go with the flow person.  I shut down when we get too busy.  I swear I should be Italian!  They know how to live life to the fullest and least crazy.  Any way....

Anyone else excited about Halloween?!  I can't wait.  I want to bust out some black yarn and make this spider web from over at made!

And make some corpse bride cakes from carosello while I am at it!

I am in the market to buy a cool alphabet print for the kiddos bedroom.  I love this one!  Have you seen any others that I should check out?

Photos of transparent ants.  I didn't know that there were translucent ants!  You can see the colored liquid they are drinking in their stomach- RAD!

I think that I am going to scramble over the fence and steal my neighbors apples off their tree when they aren't home so I can make some apple butter.  Holy crap do I love apple butter!

I love soup and I love potatoes (a lot!) so of course this potato soup recipe looks fantastic!  Plus it looks simple-ish.  All except the roux.  I super suck at making roux.

Little sheep plush!  And I mean little!  Be still my heart.  I love things in mini!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday has come around again!  I have a little bit of a silly one this week.  

I am crazy in love with being a mom.  My kids are the best things- next to my husband- in my life.  They are amazing little people!  But sometimes I don't want to be laid on and have boogers rubbed down my clothes.  Or be tugged on.  Or be looked at for that matter!  Enter in crayons and markers.  They are at times my saving grace.  Oh coloring and the distraction!  It may only get me 15 minutes but sometimes that is all I need.  Time to sit and enjoy a tasty beverage and not have to be mom.  Then I am back at it and so excited to see their drawings.  Cause they are so freaking good at coloring!

Oh and did you know that crayola (dot) com has all kinds of coloring pages that you can print up for free?  I was like wuh?! when I found out.  Yeah I am slow on the uptake sometimes....

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Weight Loss week #5

I lost another 5 pounds peeps!  My count is up to 17 pounds total.  I know that my weight loss will probably simmer down after a few weeks but I am pretty excited about what I have accomplished so far.  All I am really hoping for is 2 pounds a week so I will be thrilled to lose that much every week.  Anything more loss than that is a little bonus.  

All I am doing is cutting out sugar right now.  It is getting easier and easier.  I think it is something I can continue doing after the 19th when my challenge is done.  I am not 100% off but I am not having it every day.  More like once a week and a very small portion.  I have been feeling so much better.  I never noticed that I didn't feel good until I started to feel good.  HAHA!

 I was having a hard time seeing a change in myself.  I stare at myself day in and day out so the changes aren't as obvious.  But when I look at the front view from this week and the one from my first week below I can start seeing the change.  My tummy is shrinking a bit.  Yay!

Sorry about the lack luster pictures!  I worked a long shift today.  It was rough!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday Songs

Any Kill Bill fans?  The message of this song is pretty awful but I can't help but love it!  They used it on So You Think You Can Dance a bit ago and the dance was amazing!  

Link A Day

This week has been crazy!  Nicco started school and it already seems like we are in the routine of it.  It has only been three days so we shall see how we feel after this next week!  He is doing really well so far and he says he loves it.  The second morning, however, he told us that he went to school yesterday and doesn't want to go again today.  It secretly made me happy that he still loves being home more!  I ended up working a lot more this last week so I haven't gotten a thing done that I wanted to do.  Between work and family/home life everything else gets pushed off to the side to do another day.  Sigh....  We also got to see my nephew be baptized yesterday.  It was so so emotional for me.  I am not sure why but the second I saw him and my brother I started getting teary eyed.  I am becoming a sentimental boob in my old age!  They had a wonderful luncheon afterwards.  So we got to visit with family.  There was good food and good conversation.  The whole family doesn't get together as often as we would like.  It was lovely!  I shouldn't say whole family-  one of my brother is in the hospital getting over a bout of cellulitis :(.  His wife stayed there with him- so we missed out on getting to have them with us.  It has been a great week all in all though!

ON to some links!

Check out this card!  And since you are over there check out the whole shop.  I love getting and sending cards.  Who doesn't really?  Although I am not going to lie- I am not good at sending them.

Someday when I have my own home I want to have a staring contest party.  I think it sounds hilarious!

And this is what we would eat at said party!  Soup is comfort food for me and the second I need to start wearing jackets I am going to make soup for a week straight!

Thread art.  That is all.  No really.  Amazeballs.

I am starting to think about fall.  And all the lovely things that go with fall.  Like clothes!  I love 
this little DIY to embellish a denim shirt.  Now to find the perfect denim shirt!

Speaking of fall- I want these wedges!  They are perfect for the transition into fall and even winter with tights.

This recipe/tutorial for making perfect brown rice has been tested repeatedly in my home.  It works like a charm!  No more crunchy brown rice for us.