Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Weight Loss week #5

I lost another 5 pounds peeps!  My count is up to 17 pounds total.  I know that my weight loss will probably simmer down after a few weeks but I am pretty excited about what I have accomplished so far.  All I am really hoping for is 2 pounds a week so I will be thrilled to lose that much every week.  Anything more loss than that is a little bonus.  

All I am doing is cutting out sugar right now.  It is getting easier and easier.  I think it is something I can continue doing after the 19th when my challenge is done.  I am not 100% off but I am not having it every day.  More like once a week and a very small portion.  I have been feeling so much better.  I never noticed that I didn't feel good until I started to feel good.  HAHA!

 I was having a hard time seeing a change in myself.  I stare at myself day in and day out so the changes aren't as obvious.  But when I look at the front view from this week and the one from my first week below I can start seeing the change.  My tummy is shrinking a bit.  Yay!

Sorry about the lack luster pictures!  I worked a long shift today.  It was rough!


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    1. You are my inspiration too! You are rocking it!

  2. Good going. You will definitely lose your weight. Just keep your diet and exercises regular.
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    1. thank you! I will have to check that website out!