Monday, September 10, 2012

Block Party Crashers

We totally crashed a block party this weekend.  After some major coercing from some friends we headed over.  I still maintain that going to another blocks block party is a bit trashy but they had a bounce house and a snow cone machine.  That is ritzy!  It was free and fun- two things that are deal makers for me lately!  HA!  Needless to say I was pretty glad we went.

Good food and good friends- a great combo!

Bounce house buddies.

Snow cones!  They were a little on the yucky side but the kids lurved them.  They do not have distinguishing tastes!

Lovely night.

It was a good little farewell to summer party.  We almost had to wear jackets on the walk home!  I can't wait for chilly weather.  I love fall and early winter so very much.  I am trying to pretend that I want summer to last but that is a lie!!

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