Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saturday Links

I am going to have to do a full post about the State Fair!  It was so fun.  It was my second time going my whole life.  I went the first time when Nick and I were dating.  Now it will be a yearly tradition.  I don't want to get too into all of it because I could go on forever.  I will say that it was one of those days that makes all the other days of the thankless work that often comes with parenting totally worth it!  The reward I guess.  That makes it sound like every other day sucks and that is not true.  We have good moments and bad every day actually.  But this was a particularly fabulous one!  It seemed like the kick off to Autumn for us too.  Speaking of Autumn- today is the first day of fall!  Are you going to celebrate?  I am trying to think of something to do to kick it off right.  Maybe some spiced apple cider?  Who knows.  Here are some Fall inspired links to get the juices flowing!  

Caramel Apples seem like a fall treat to me.  Yay apple season!

Comfort food like Mac and Cheese is the perfect way to end a cool day.

A loverly DIY wool poncho to stay warm on an Autumn day.

Pumpkin bars sounds perfect.  I have actually had these bars and they are so good!  You can't really go wrong with Paula Deen though.

Fall is the beginning of boot season!  I have a hard time finding boots to fit over my massive calves but I want some for the cold seasons.  I think maybe some short boots are in order.  And I think this DIY boot accessory would be great to change them up!

How fabulous are these hanging leaves?!  So fall!  

Cute little fox plush in a cardigan?  Yeah that looks like fall to me!

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