Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday has come around again!  I have a little bit of a silly one this week.  

I am crazy in love with being a mom.  My kids are the best things- next to my husband- in my life.  They are amazing little people!  But sometimes I don't want to be laid on and have boogers rubbed down my clothes.  Or be tugged on.  Or be looked at for that matter!  Enter in crayons and markers.  They are at times my saving grace.  Oh coloring and the distraction!  It may only get me 15 minutes but sometimes that is all I need.  Time to sit and enjoy a tasty beverage and not have to be mom.  Then I am back at it and so excited to see their drawings.  Cause they are so freaking good at coloring!

Oh and did you know that crayola (dot) com has all kinds of coloring pages that you can print up for free?  I was like wuh?! when I found out.  Yeah I am slow on the uptake sometimes....


  1. AMEN MAMA!! I love anything that will give those short 15 minutes! We are only human, right!? I didn't know about the color pages! I will have to check those out now!! SCORE!!
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. For real! My own 15 minute seems like a luxury but really I think that we all NEED it. It is a necessity not luxury!