Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thankful Thursday

My name is Anne Marie and I am a diet coke addict...  this is where you all say 'hello Anne marie'.  I don't want anyone telling me the negatives about my beverage choice.  I have done my research.  I am aware that it is pretty much pickling me from the inside out as we speak.  I know it is super super bad for me but I am grateful for Diet Coke.  I love it.  I love the burn in my throat when I get that first ice cold sip.  And the little fizzies tickling my nose.  OH yeah!  It helps me get through some days.  Sad but so so true.  Could I sound anymore like a junky?  I know it is killing me and all that noise but I love it?!  I could say that I can quit anytime I want but I just don't want to.  That would be the cherry on the junky sundae.  Any ways........  

Did you know that there is a diet coke website?  For addicts like me?  I actually didn't know until today.  But I am not surprised!  I am not the only one who loves it obviously!  I am an addict and loving every minute of it!  Anyone else out there?  Please say yes!

So today and this week and forever I am grateful for diet coke.


  1. OH MY DIET COKENESS!!! I am just as in love as you are!!! I personally only will drink most sodas if they are diet, just because I think they taste better!!! I HATE regular Pepsi and Coke...But out of the 2 diets, Diet Coke is my FAVE!!! I love it fresh out of the fountain in a GIANT glass of ice!!! OH NO!!! I wish I had one right now!! But I will settle for my Diet A&W Cream Soda lol
    And I too hate it when people think they need to tell me how bad it is for me, my husband being include in there. I wasn't born under a rock and I am fully aware of what I put in my body! Just give me the DIET COKE and nobody gets HURT!!!!
    Thanks for linking up again! I love reading your posts!!

    1. I am the same way! It has nothing to do with the calories- I love the taste. I was raised on the diet drinks! I love McDonalds diet coke- I swear they put crack in it! Oh now I want one too!