Monday, November 26, 2012

Waz up?

I am out of photo space.  I am not sure how all that works but I apparently need to buy storage space?  Boo.  I am a little more than half stupid about pretty much anything that has to do with computers.  So until the boy half can help me I think I am going to go with witty words......  We are in trouble peeps! 

Oh wait here is a little video from the lovely Paul Simon. 

Anyways.... We had a great Thanksgiving weekend.  Nick had from Thursday until Saturday off from work.  That was fantastic!  I am truly grateful for my sweet husband and the sweet babies he gave me.  I hope yours was a fabulous holiday!  Now on to Christmas, yeah?

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Embracing change

We have been doing a little adjusting around here.  That is probably the biggest reason for the lack of posts.  OH and we lost a set of rechargeable batteries so we have been switching them around to all of our electronic devices.  Obviously the computer mouse has been getting the short end of the stick.  Rechargeable batteries are crazy expensive!  I know they save me money in the long run but damn! 

Anywho... back to adjusting!  Nicholas, my fabulous husband, just got a new job and has been working a boat load.  That means 60-70+ hours most weeks.  That also means that I am now a SAHM.  YAY!  I feel like I have to pinch myself whenever I think about it.  I don't think it has really sunk in yet.  I have worked since I was 16 non-stop.  This last week we have been adjusting to never seeing Nick and to me being home full time.  Not seeing Nick has been rough for me and the kids.  He is part of my happiness.  That is not to say that my happiness depends on him entirely.  But he is by far my favorite person in the world.  He puts a smile easily on my face.  I am not trying to sound whiney!  I am so grateful for the sacrifice he is making for our family.  He amazes me more everyday.  I miss him though!  Whine whine whine!  I will say that the time we have together has been extra special.  We never fought much before but we haven't at all since he started 2 weeks ago.  The kids go nuts for him every time they see him.  It is freaking cute!  I think the four of us are already appreciating each other more.  Lets see how we feel a few months down the road!    

The whole point of this is to say that we have had some major changes in our life the last bit.  I am trying to learn to embrace change.  Which has never been easy for me!  Really who is it easy for though?  If you adjust well to change please give me some advice on how to accept and love it!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekend Links at the beginning of the week...

So you know how I am supposed to do the NaBloPoMo?  I am a slacker.  Haha!  Pretty much story of my life.  Anywho..... Want some links that I was suppose to get up on Saturday?

Cute ways to wear a bow in your hair.

These DIY beaded tights are lovely!  They would be perfect for a holiday party. 

A wonderful thought on not giving up on your dreams.

Ten pictures of classic couples.  How does one become half of a classic couple?  You obviously have to be fabulous and famous.  I am pretty fabulous ;) but I am in no way famous!    

I love this photorito lens wrap.  I just need a cool lens to wrap up all safe in it!

I want the vinyl record of the She & Him Christmas album for Christmas this year.  Yes I am obsessed with it like pretty much everyone else in the world!

This retro camera print is basically perfect in every way.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Is it redundant to be doing another thankful post about my husband?  Well too bad!  Nicholas pretty much totally rocks.  He is so willing to work hard for our family.  He recently took on a second job so that I can quit mine and be a full time mom (!!!!).  It brings tears to my eyes and a bit of guilt.  But it mostly brings an overwhelming sense of pride for Nicholas!  He is such a good and fearless leader of our family!  He has taken the responsibility in stride and with a smile on his face.  He is an amazing example to our children.  How could I be so lucky?

So on this Thankful Thursday and every day of my life I am thankful for that big hunk o'man of mine!  

Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween Re-cap

Halloween Re-cap!  I know that I am a little late with this but I really loved Halloween!  I didn't want it to end.  This year the kids were a vampire and a vampire princess.  Easy and inexpensive costumes!  WOOT!  We had a neighborhood party the Saturday before.  Nick and I were given the lovely task of taking pictures of the night and we really slacked!  HA!  The day before the kids went to a cookie decorating party.  Halloween day Nicco had school and his first Halloween parade.  I pretty much loved it.  That afternoon we heading up to the Foothill Village shopping center and trick or treated.  We have gonw every year and I love it!  Safe and fun.  Of course we also went through the neighborhood.  Lola was having a hard time keeping up with the big kids.  It was sort of sad!  Her bucket got too heavy for her so I helped her carry it.  Next year the rule is of you can't carry it then we are done!  I am learning as I go here.  On to the photo dump.

Little Vampire and Vampire princess.

She obviously was in need of some blood!

Nicco insisted on wearing the fangs even though they hurt his mouth.  I know now that it is better to spend an extra dollars and get the flexible ones!  Still learning again.

Home-made root beer.   

Vampire at his parade!

Trick or treating in the strip mall.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Weekend Links

I am planning on doing a halloween re-cap next week (i know I know everyone is so over Halloween!).  We had a fun one this year!  We are in a candy coma over here.  And it doesn't show any signs of stopping!  I am going to dive back into the candy bucket so on to the links-

I was just telling Nicholas that I was wanting to learn a little coding so I could improve my blog and that is when this happened!  It is kismet. 

Have you seen this crochet challenge from The Curious Pug?  I am going to participate this month!  That granny square pillow is really rad.

Oh pasta!  You kill me! 

I am wanting to do a few handmade things for the kids for Christmas and this doll house is perfect for the girl baby.  Or this one

Love this list of 48 things to be grateful for.  I need to remember this!  Especially with it being the month of thanks and all. 

I want to do this 5 minute game with my kids.  We all need to feel loved!

I want boots!!!  Like these ones.

Friday, November 2, 2012

It's Friday- we're in love!

I love my kids!  And they love me and their dad.  But you know my favorite thing about all this love?  Those two kids love each other so so much!  It does my heart good.  We might be bad parents in some ways but we have got to be getting something right.  At least one thing- HA!  I am not sure how it happened but Nicco is Lola's champion and Lola is Niccos' biggest cheerleader.  They fight really fierce but they love even more fierce.  I never thought I wanted children but I am glad that our Heavenly Father shook his head at me and sent me them anyway!    

Thursday, November 1, 2012


So you know how I have been a little bit of a slacker blogger?  I am wanting to change that!  So I am signing up with blogher and doing NaBloPoMo.  Basically you post everyday.  And they couldn't make it easier since they give you daily prompts if you need them.  I was like, what?!  Go here and sign up and blog along!