Saturday, November 3, 2012

Weekend Links

I am planning on doing a halloween re-cap next week (i know I know everyone is so over Halloween!).  We had a fun one this year!  We are in a candy coma over here.  And it doesn't show any signs of stopping!  I am going to dive back into the candy bucket so on to the links-

I was just telling Nicholas that I was wanting to learn a little coding so I could improve my blog and that is when this happened!  It is kismet. 

Have you seen this crochet challenge from The Curious Pug?  I am going to participate this month!  That granny square pillow is really rad.

Oh pasta!  You kill me! 

I am wanting to do a few handmade things for the kids for Christmas and this doll house is perfect for the girl baby.  Or this one

Love this list of 48 things to be grateful for.  I need to remember this!  Especially with it being the month of thanks and all. 

I want to do this 5 minute game with my kids.  We all need to feel loved!

I want boots!!!  Like these ones.

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