Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekend Links at the beginning of the week...

So you know how I am supposed to do the NaBloPoMo?  I am a slacker.  Haha!  Pretty much story of my life.  Anywho..... Want some links that I was suppose to get up on Saturday?

Cute ways to wear a bow in your hair.

These DIY beaded tights are lovely!  They would be perfect for a holiday party. 

A wonderful thought on not giving up on your dreams.

Ten pictures of classic couples.  How does one become half of a classic couple?  You obviously have to be fabulous and famous.  I am pretty fabulous ;) but I am in no way famous!    

I love this photorito lens wrap.  I just need a cool lens to wrap up all safe in it!

I want the vinyl record of the She & Him Christmas album for Christmas this year.  Yes I am obsessed with it like pretty much everyone else in the world!

This retro camera print is basically perfect in every way.

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