Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween Re-cap

Halloween Re-cap!  I know that I am a little late with this but I really loved Halloween!  I didn't want it to end.  This year the kids were a vampire and a vampire princess.  Easy and inexpensive costumes!  WOOT!  We had a neighborhood party the Saturday before.  Nick and I were given the lovely task of taking pictures of the night and we really slacked!  HA!  The day before the kids went to a cookie decorating party.  Halloween day Nicco had school and his first Halloween parade.  I pretty much loved it.  That afternoon we heading up to the Foothill Village shopping center and trick or treated.  We have gonw every year and I love it!  Safe and fun.  Of course we also went through the neighborhood.  Lola was having a hard time keeping up with the big kids.  It was sort of sad!  Her bucket got too heavy for her so I helped her carry it.  Next year the rule is of you can't carry it then we are done!  I am learning as I go here.  On to the photo dump.

Little Vampire and Vampire princess.

She obviously was in need of some blood!

Nicco insisted on wearing the fangs even though they hurt his mouth.  I know now that it is better to spend an extra dollars and get the flexible ones!  Still learning again.

Home-made root beer.   

Vampire at his parade!

Trick or treating in the strip mall.

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