Saturday, February 23, 2013

Weekend Links

It has been a week.  What else can I say?  We had a bit of a health scare with my dad this week.  That is never good.  He is fine though!  Luckily!  And having codeine dreams which he says are crazy. HA!  It has been a little wake up call too.  I need to get healthy for me and my family.  I want to look good naked and all but really I need to start eating better and exercising regularly so that I can live a life full of vitality and happiness.  I don't want my children to watch me slowly die because of stupid choices I made early in life.  On that same note- I also don't want to slowly die because of choices I have made.  That is an experience I could do without.  I know that life will throw you curve balls and health is not a guarantee.  But I want to know that I made every effort to fight against that.  I also want to make changes in a healthy way.  NO crash diets or crazy workouts.  With that being said all the help and advice that is given lovingly and kindly is greatly appreciated!  Shall we link it up?

I am starting to think that winter is never going to end.  I may have to make this cowl to get me through!  It is snowing as I type this.

I want to make this top!!  It would be great for spring and summer in a nice floral print.  Plus so freaking easy.

Have you seen the blog/site another lunch?  It is a great source when you are running out of ideas to feed the kiddies (or adults).  Also Totoro bento boxes.  Um flip yeah.

I am on the look out for new slow cooker meals since our nights are so crazy.  And Slow Cooker Jerk Chicken looks awesome. OH the spicy goodness!

"This is Bowie to Bowie!  Can you hear me out there man?!".  Do you know what program that line is from?  I like the David Bowie!  And this kids t-shirt.

I so needed to read this post from Mandey at Mama Mandolin.  It really struck home.  I need to love myself now.  Not sometime down the road when I get to my "after".  What are we saying to ourselves?  The after never comes.  There is always something else that we don't think is good enough.  On to the next project!  I am going to work on being content right now with myself.

Cute hand warmers!  My mom made large rice bags for us growing up.  They were great on a cold night!  This tiny version is genius!  

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Heart Bombing!

We went out as a family to do some heart bombing ala Sheepish Knit.  I love Meredith and her lovely blog a little bit and by a little bit I mean a ton!  The wrapped yarn heart is the only one we made from yarn.  The kids had a hard time standing around and waiting for that one to be done.  The rest were cut out of pink and red felt.  

I wish we had gotten a picture of Lola's whole outfit.  It was so her!  A red and gold geisha style dress with black tights, blue chucks and a pink sweetheart sweatshirt.  Oh that girl kills me!

The kids wanted to put them on their friends houses so that is what we did mostly.  That is why our pictures were hurried and not so hot.  We had to be quiet and run as soon as they were done!  It is really cool to watch them get excited about doing things for their friends.

We had a lot of fun running around the block spreading some love in our neighborhood!  In fact, we had so much fun that I am going to plan some other stuff for us to do to spread some guerilla-style love around our community.  

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Red Velvet cheater cupcakes

okay so we clearly made these last week.  Very valentiney.  But I am thinking that you may still see some valentine-esq things here.  It is still February after all! 

These are red velvet cupcakes made from a mix and photographed with some bad lighting!  If you are looking for a good substitute for homemade red velvet then I suggest the Duncan Hines red velvet mix.  It is surprisingly good.  You can obviously still tell it is a cake mix but it is denser than a regular cake mix and pretty tasty.

On to the next treat!  OH and tomorrow will be more hearts around here.  So sue me!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy Birthday!

It was this guys birthday last week!  The big 3-0!


You rock my socks Nicholas!  Here's to another year!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Weekend Links

I wish I had something interesting to say about our week.  We celebrated Nick's birthday!  That was wonderful!  He ended up having the evening off so we had cupcakes and presents and catching up on some shows.  He is 30 this year!  Exciting!  We also got to celebrate my nieces birthday with her.  That was great too.  So I guess our week was much more interesting than I thought.  The weather is lovely today so I am off to spend some time outside with the family while we can!  ON to the links shall we?

A sweet lacy DIY cardigan.  Love it and it looks simple enough that anyone can do it! 

Valentines is over but love should be celebrated all year long yo!  Look at this amazing customizable heart carving print!  OH how I want one!

Super fun round up of Easter projects from Purl Bee.  I am afraid that Easter will sneak up on me faster than I think.  So I am planning ahead!  The bunny finger puppets would be a big hit with my kids for church.

Spinach, artichoke and feta stuffed shells.  Need I say more?  Warm food makes for warm bellies.  

Lets all be honest we look forward to Friday like well pretty much everyone looks forward to a new episode of Downton.  How cute to celebrate with cards! And they are free. Can I get an amen?!

Pretty and incredibly romantic twisty ponytail

Again Valentines is over but this smash cake is a fantastic idea for any holiday or like a Thursday maybe.  My kids would love this.   

Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Fox

OH my gosh this is rad!  It is a DIY fox lampshade.  You buy the paper pattern and all the pieces from this shop and then put it together yourself.

I love it like this too!

And if a cute little fox isn't your taste they have other animals as well.  Awesome!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Weekend Links a bit late....

Oy vey.  Nick is having to do some serious overtime the next few weeks so we are basically going to miss seeing each other for two weeks at the very least.  BOO!  Which also means that not only am I single parenting during the week but now I am also alone on Saturday too. Whine whine.  Oh and did I mention that Valentines day is in two days which also happens to be Nick's birthday?  Fun celibate celebrations!  Again whine whine.  I am grateful that Nick is employed and we are blessed that he can have not just one but two good jobs.  I know that we are very blessed!  But man sometimes it sucks.  He is my favorite person in the wide world.  So I miss him.  We will just have to plan something fun to do with the  extra money that he will be earning when this is all over!  Silver linings people.

I think a wedding band would ease my pain.  I could look at it when I am desperately missing him!  I know it isn't a need but I don't have one and I want one.  How about a simple and lovely wedding band.  And affordable!  This one too.  And this one.  Or these rose gold stacked ones.  But really the first one is perfect!

I love studs.  The metal kind (the man kind too).  I totally love them on shoes!!  OH yes boy howdy.  Check these boots out.  Love!

Anyone else been sick the last bit?  My ears feel like they might pop any second with all this pressure built up.  Earache relief the au naturale way.  I have used the garlic way and it works like a charm for me.

This picture makes me want to get a hedgehog!!  That whole website kills me.  It is aptly named attack of the cute.  OH MY FRACK!

This antler drawing/print is so lovely!  It is the perfect mix of masculine and feminine.

This heart stamped shirt DIY is awesome!  I think that Lola and I both need on and right in time for Valentines day!

Sorry for being a sad sack!  I am glad that Nick is able to work so that I can be home with our kids.  We are lucky to be healthy and happy.  I am also glad that we love and like each other enough to miss one another!   

Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Fox

I found this fox t-shirt in the etsy shop Gnome Enterprises.  Sweet!  Go look at the whole shop because hello!  T-rex battling a Robot?!  What?!  Pretty much awesome.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

6 Years!

This weekend Nicholas and I celebrated our wedding anniversary.  It was lovely!  We didn't get one another gifts instead we went on a date and spent some time alone.  Best ever!  In honor of the six years we have been married I am going to tell you 6 things I love about my Nick,

1.  He encourages me in anything I want to do.  He is my best and loudest cheerleader!

2. He will make a total fool of himself to make me laugh.  OH and I don't think he has ever told me that I embarrass him which is nuts!  Cause I am embarrassing.

3. He is an artist.  He writes beautiful music and takes beautiful pictures.  His love letters put mine to shame.  He is so very talented!

4. Nick is super devoted to me and our kids.  He has got to be the most loyal man alive!

5. Best father ever!  Cliche but the fact my kids look for him every morning and tell him that they hate him going to work makes me swoon!  They really love their daddy.

6. He is HAWT!  Yeah I love that about him.  That sounds shallow but DAMN he is FINE!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Fox

Love this!  Get it here.  I might cave and buy this one.  Or dream about it a whole lot.