Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Weekend Links a bit late....

Oy vey.  Nick is having to do some serious overtime the next few weeks so we are basically going to miss seeing each other for two weeks at the very least.  BOO!  Which also means that not only am I single parenting during the week but now I am also alone on Saturday too. Whine whine.  Oh and did I mention that Valentines day is in two days which also happens to be Nick's birthday?  Fun celibate celebrations!  Again whine whine.  I am grateful that Nick is employed and we are blessed that he can have not just one but two good jobs.  I know that we are very blessed!  But man sometimes it sucks.  He is my favorite person in the wide world.  So I miss him.  We will just have to plan something fun to do with the  extra money that he will be earning when this is all over!  Silver linings people.

I think a wedding band would ease my pain.  I could look at it when I am desperately missing him!  I know it isn't a need but I don't have one and I want one.  How about a simple and lovely wedding band.  And affordable!  This one too.  And this one.  Or these rose gold stacked ones.  But really the first one is perfect!

I love studs.  The metal kind (the man kind too).  I totally love them on shoes!!  OH yes boy howdy.  Check these boots out.  Love!

Anyone else been sick the last bit?  My ears feel like they might pop any second with all this pressure built up.  Earache relief the au naturale way.  I have used the garlic way and it works like a charm for me.

This picture makes me want to get a hedgehog!!  That whole website kills me.  It is aptly named attack of the cute.  OH MY FRACK!

This antler drawing/print is so lovely!  It is the perfect mix of masculine and feminine.

This heart stamped shirt DIY is awesome!  I think that Lola and I both need on and right in time for Valentines day!

Sorry for being a sad sack!  I am glad that Nick is able to work so that I can be home with our kids.  We are lucky to be healthy and happy.  I am also glad that we love and like each other enough to miss one another!   

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