Thursday, February 7, 2013

6 Years!

This weekend Nicholas and I celebrated our wedding anniversary.  It was lovely!  We didn't get one another gifts instead we went on a date and spent some time alone.  Best ever!  In honor of the six years we have been married I am going to tell you 6 things I love about my Nick,

1.  He encourages me in anything I want to do.  He is my best and loudest cheerleader!

2. He will make a total fool of himself to make me laugh.  OH and I don't think he has ever told me that I embarrass him which is nuts!  Cause I am embarrassing.

3. He is an artist.  He writes beautiful music and takes beautiful pictures.  His love letters put mine to shame.  He is so very talented!

4. Nick is super devoted to me and our kids.  He has got to be the most loyal man alive!

5. Best father ever!  Cliche but the fact my kids look for him every morning and tell him that they hate him going to work makes me swoon!  They really love their daddy.

6. He is HAWT!  Yeah I love that about him.  That sounds shallow but DAMN he is FINE!