Thursday, February 21, 2013

Heart Bombing!

We went out as a family to do some heart bombing ala Sheepish Knit.  I love Meredith and her lovely blog a little bit and by a little bit I mean a ton!  The wrapped yarn heart is the only one we made from yarn.  The kids had a hard time standing around and waiting for that one to be done.  The rest were cut out of pink and red felt.  

I wish we had gotten a picture of Lola's whole outfit.  It was so her!  A red and gold geisha style dress with black tights, blue chucks and a pink sweetheart sweatshirt.  Oh that girl kills me!

The kids wanted to put them on their friends houses so that is what we did mostly.  That is why our pictures were hurried and not so hot.  We had to be quiet and run as soon as they were done!  It is really cool to watch them get excited about doing things for their friends.

We had a lot of fun running around the block spreading some love in our neighborhood!  In fact, we had so much fun that I am going to plan some other stuff for us to do to spread some guerilla-style love around our community.  

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