Monday, September 17, 2012

a little update

We have officially been in kindergarten for 3 weeks.  So far so good.  Nicco seems to love it.  Truth be told I think that he has a little tiny crush on his teacher.  I am so loving that!  It is his first crush on someone outside the family.  I was his first or so I like to think.  Sigh....  He gets moony eyed when he sees her.  Talk about great motivation for him to work his tiny tail off!  I don't blame him for loving her because she is gorgeous and nice and fun.  She is pretty much the epitome of Kindergarten teacher.  He has learned how to write his letters up through M so far.  Numbers up to 4.  His 4's are the stuff of legends!  They are so good.  I am a proud momma! 

Lola has started getting into a little routine without Nicco.  She still misses him while he is gone.  She is pushing through and handling it better and better every day.  It is a little sad when we pick him up- she runs up to hug him and he runs from her.  It upsets her a lot.  He is her everything!  She gets him back though so I can't get too upset with the boy!  That girl always gets her revenge ;).  

Nicco has made friends easily.  I however feel awkward on the playground waiting for him.  It is weird that you can stand next to someone practically touching and not speak.  Some of the moms even ignore you if you speak to them.  What the hell?!  I swear it is like high school all over again!  And I am the geeky eyeglass wearing band geek- head gear and all.  Oh well- their loss cause I am rad!  K?!  Rad!  Why is it so hard to make friends as an adult?  Or is it not hard and I am just making it hard?  Why can't we just become friends automatically like kids?  They can both like a rock and all the sudden they are besties.  That has not been my luck as an adult.  I have made some great friends online!  Maybe I don't translate well in the real world.  That could be it seeing as how I am wicked awkward in person.  Like it might not be endearing but just creepy awkward.  I like to think that it is endearing but I might be just fooling myself.  Maybe I try too hard.  Desperation is a stinky cologne and all that. 

 Oh well I am not changing.  I have tried to be anything but myself in the past to please people and make friends.  That sucks so bad.  Nothing is a bigger blow to your self esteem than that- when you decide you aren't good enough without having to be told that by someone else and then it not working out.  You get rejected twice!  Once by yourself and then a second by the other person.  BOO!  I am over it.  I refuse to be anything but me from now on.  If you don't like me then screw you! 

Deep for a little update I think.  That topic has been nagging at me though.  I needed to work it out apparently!        

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