Thursday, May 26, 2011

Garden Boxes

We decided to become a little more self sufficeint and teach the kiddos about growing and taking care of plants this year.  SO we made ourselves a little garden using garden boxes.  We actually built those bad boys!  Yeah I know that is small potatoes to some people but for us it is a crazy big deal!  We have planted carrots, anaheim peppers, cherokee purple tomatoes, pineapple tomatoes and spaghetti squash.  We are also planning on doing some potato towers, green beans, jalapenos and lemon cucumbers.  

Our boxes are 3' by 9' by 1'.  Essentially all we did was pick out some pine boards that were 12' and had the wonderful guys down at Home Depot cut three feet off each one for the ends.  Then screwed them together and staked them to the ground.  Easy Peasy!

The above picture show the stakes.  We used 18" stakes.

This little birdy is our mascot.  What is a garden without a little whimsy?  We are currently on the look out for a brightly colored gnome.  No garden is complete without a gnome! 

If anyone is interested in more detailed instructions on the boxes leave a comment and let me know!


  1. I am pretty excited about them. Our little plants look like they have already started growing. It is probably only in my mind but still!

  2. Well I think it is pretty impressive too. I've always been intimidated by building things like that. You make it look so easy. I LOVE all the fun things you are growing. A girl after my own heart.

  3. Thanks Bethany! I hope everything lives... haha! I have a black thumb to say the least!