Thursday, May 19, 2011

baa baa black faced sheep

My family is fortunate enough to have a sheep ranch up in Park City.  It has been in the family for... well as long as the pioneers have been here in the Valley.  It is still a working ranch.  I haven't been as involved with the ranch as I should have been my whole life but I love going up there and have plans of going up a lot this summer to escape the heat in SLC.  We went up this last weekend to get some dirt for our garden boxes.  It is insane how wonderful the dirt is!  My mom always jokes that it will grow hair on a billiard ball.  Which is probably true!  It was a really neat experience.  We haven't been up there since Nicco was a tiny baby.  My dad is the one driving the tractor.  He grew up at the ranch so he had plenty of stories!  It is fun to see him up there.  It is like the past year and a half of health issues just melted away.  Like he was really in his element.  I am glad we created some memories with him up there.      

Here are some of the pictures we took while up there:

I have a little funny story from while we were up there.  Lola would pick up a rock and get so excited about it. She would run up and show whatever adult was closest.  Then she would look down and see another rock and throw the one down she was holding and yell "ROCK!"  Then run to someone else to show them this new rock which was apparently the most amazing rock she had ever seen.  That is until she looked down and yelled "ROCK!" and pick up a new one.  The whole hill was covered in rocks so we had a lot to go through!  She did that for about a half hour straight.  It was hilarious and so so sweet!  Then she started trying to sneak every one she found in the trailer with the dirt.

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