Monday, October 10, 2011

cowl neck collar scarf thing

I have been in a knitting mood lately.  It must be because the weather finally started to turn to colder temps.  I started making a full on scarf but got sick of knitting it real quick!  So I turned it into a cowl neck collar scarf thing.  Yeah I am not sure about that name either.  I am pretty positive that I love the cowl neck collar scarf thing though!  I figured out how to do the hole and everything on my own.  For all of you knitters out there that are laughing at me right now- I was pretty proud!!  I am a novice knitter at best.  

Don't mind my ridiculous bangs!  I need to cut them super bad!  Luckily I can do it myself now thanks to vintage wife!!

Is knitter even a word?  It doesn't look right typed up.  Or said out loud for that matter.


  1. Love the knitted collar.. really like the big button you used. I get tired of knitting fast,,learned how to crochet this summer.. faster and easier to get the color too!

  2. Thanks Tracy and Nick! I love it so much that I may make some more!

  3. This is beautiful!! I wish I knew how to knit!

    new follower!

  4. @Fifi- knitting is crazy easy!! As a matter of fact if I can manage I am sure anyone can. I love siting down and keeping my hands busy with knitting.

  5. Cute idea!!! I loved this idea so much that I featured it tonight!! I would love if you would come by, check it out and grab a button!
    Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. LOVE this!!! Saw your feature over at delicateCONSTRUCTION! Wanted to invite you over to link up at my DIY fashion party! It's called DIY Diva Thursdays and we party TH-M every week :)


  7. @ Kara- I hope I didn't miss it!! I would love to link it up. I will be there this Thursday for sure!!