Saturday, October 1, 2011

Mini date

Dates are awesome when you can come by one!  We squeezed in a mini 2 hour date last night and it was wonderful.  I think that dating your spouse is essential to a happy marriage.  I need to get away from the kids every once and a while and remind myself that I am not just someones mom.  I am also a woman in love!  And super fun!  It is good to be reminded that my husband is also a sexy ass man in love.  Not to mention he is crazy fun and makes me laugh!!

Here is our mini frozen yogurt, arcade game playing, pool hall junkie date:

This is a side note but the above yogurt was awesome! TCBY's pistachio yogurt is heavenly!

Little local graffiti art!  

Nick pretty much schooled me in the pool area.  To be totally honest I was just excited when I actually hit some of the balls.  

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  1. Yay dates! I love 'em! Mini or great big I can't get enough alone time with mah man!! I am an advocate of date nights!