Saturday, October 29, 2011

Link A Day

I wish I was here!

I am in love with these gloves by Twinkie Chan.  You can still text with them on!  Plus they are crazy cute.  Function and fashion.  Love it!

We are a zombie loving family.  Many a night has been spent playing plants vs. zombies with the kids.  I think one of us needs this shirt.

The babes and I will be making these gloves this week!  Super fun!!

I am not sure why I love this so much but I do.  The guy definitely doesn't look like he belongs in a mug shot, does he?  I want to purchase it and make it the cover of a new sketch book.

DIY peacock earrings!  They are everywhere and these feathers that she links to would be subtle and lovely!

Can you believe that I haven't had any candy corn this year?  Crazy go nuts!!!  I will be remedying that today.  Maybe I will make a batch of this delightful fudge in celebration.

Okay this next thing will knock your socks off!  Even if you don't adore Star Wars like my family the work that was put into this quiet book is amazing!!  It gets even better!! You can buy the kit/pattern
right here.  Or if you prefer Star Trek she has that too.

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