Saturday, October 15, 2011

Link A Day

I might be obsessed with A Beautiful Mess.  Elsie and her crew are crazy awesome!!  Check out this arrow belt tutorial.  Adorable, right?  I need to make it ASAP!

This is a fun waste of time.  Who knew that Andy Sandburg was on Arrested Development?  I now know!

UM what?!  I am sure some of you have seen it already but this was in a recent Prudent Baby e-mail and it is genius! It is from Emmyloubeedoo.  She has some amazing tutorials on her blog!  I am a new addict for sure.

I am putting this recipe on my menu this coming week.

Okay I know that I-SPY DIY always has awesome tutorials but this one really caught my eye.

I am pretty sure that my Christmas tree needs this ornament.  So clever and inexpensive!!

This tutorial for ssk from the purl bee is so wonderful!!  After reading it I feel like maybe I could tackle this!  It is crazy that knitting patterns are starting to make sense to me.  They have always been like a foreign language.


  1. I love a Beautiful Mess... I love the clothes and the styles that get posted. I especially love the Beehive hairdo secret.. a bath pouf.. who would have guessed!!! Lovin' that blog~

  2. I check it everyday Tracey!! Her blog inspires me every single day!!!!