Wednesday, October 5, 2011

3 Tales from The Ranch

1. That is the first time my little Nicco had been to our family's ranch.  I was so afraid he would be fussy while we were there that I almost didn't go!  The sweet boy slept almost the entire time we were there.  It was such a good experience.

2. That car is our old Explorer.  I loved that car more than I can even begin to tell you!  It is the car we brought Nicco home from the hospital in and I rode in the back with him the entire way.  I held his head just incase!  I didn't want it to flop around!!!  So many good memories of our old school Explorer!  It had all kinds of little "quirks" to it.  Like the driver side seat was stuck leaning back and couldn't be flipped forward.  To this day I have to have my seat leaning a bit back from the steering wheel.  Or that the tires all shred on right after the other- which isn't exactly a quirk but it was a little odd.

3.  Some of my rode four wheelers that day.  Me included.  On one of the rides I rode on the back while my sister drove for the first time.  The chick almost killed us!  Like my life flashed before my eyes.  Well maybe that is a little bit of an exaggeration but still!  She hit a hole so hard that we popped up like 6 feet in the air.  We came crashing down and I slipped down the seat and she landed right on top of me.  Yeah it was super fun.  Needless to say I drove the rest of the way!! HAHA!  

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