Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I cut my bangs!

The above photo is my attempt to seduce you all.  HAHA!  I can't help but crack up every time I look at it.  Do I look sick to any one else?  Yeah I swear I was going for "come hither" not "I just might lose my cookies".  I am working on the posing.

Any ways... the point of this post was to show you all my new bangs.  I cut those bad boys myself.  Um yeah you heard right I rocked some shears!  I had a three day weekend this past weekend and in between all the other crap I had to do I cut up my hair.  I was wicked nervous to get started.  Luckily I had my sister in law there by my side to rescue me if I got too nervous.  And this amazing tutorial from 
The Vintage Wife as my guide.  Man oh man was that first cut a rush!  Oh baby!  I just might need to find some tutorials for adding layers in next.  I will admit that I need to clean them up a bit more but all in all the end result is what I wanted.  The craziest part was that just adding bangs made me start trying a little harder when getting ready.  I have actually worn make-up everyday since doing this.  That is a crazy big deal for me!!  It is just what I needed!  The only issue I have had is that they seem to make me a bit more hot so in hindsight I should have probably waited until closer to the end of September to cut them.   

So I think this might count as # 22 on my 27 before 28 list!  One down 27 to go!

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