Wednesday, June 15, 2011

27 before 28

Hello there lovelies!  I have been thinking about doing a birthday post for a while now.  Instead of doing a post where I tell you about what we did and what I got for my brirthday I am going to post my list of 27 goals for the next year.  My 27 before 28!  I got the idea from the amazing Elsie over at a beautiful mess.  Which is a daily read of mine.  She is a little bit of a blog crush for me actually!  here is her  28 before 29 list from this year.   And on to my list!

27 before 28!!

1. change my name to Hemingway
2. see the Foo Fighters live
3. make a pinhole camera
4. learn to play the banjo
5. learn to bake a loaf of bread- that people will actually want to eat- from scratch.
6. go to Warp Tour
7. take the kids to the ocean
8. see the Grand Canyon
9. make a quilt for our bed
10. make 12 blankets for the road home
11. finish the Home Ec course
12. run a 5k
13. get certifed as a Zumba instructor
14. quit my day job
15. get Fox and Sparrows Etsy shop up and running
16. lose 50 pounds
17. make a backyard teepee
18. crochet a throw
19. learn to make a good chocolate frosting.
20. make a pie from scratch
21. read 12 books
22. cut my hair- well have some one cut it for me! 
23. start learning a new language- most likely spanish
24. get tattoos for the kids.
25. do a paint  by number
26. make a dream catcher
27. take a salsa class 

Some of them may seem silly and actually they aren't all goals but those are 27 things I want to get done before I turn 28.  Some are easy and some are a bit daunting!  It is going to be a great year!

*that picture has absolutely nothing to do with this post but it is my birthday post and one of my favorite pictures of myself so I get my way!  

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