Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'm Back!!!

Miss me?  I missed you!  Nick, the kids and I went on our first little family vacation.  It was super great!  There are so many cute and hilarious stories that I need to write down so I can remember them for years to come.  My kids kick ass!  They never cease to amaze me. Here are a couple of pictures of where we were.  There are more and more to come!  

I want to come back with a pair of shoes to add to the shoe tree!  It was about 5 miles or so outside of Zion's park.  It was so awesome!  

Oh Zion's!  How I loved thee!  Nick and I already have plans to go back and do some of the bigger hikes without the kids.  Their poor little legs barely made the little walks that we did do with them.  

I had to share this picture.  I am so proud of it.  My little Nicco took it.  He is obsessed with our camera and he takes pretty decent pictures.  I think this boy needs a camera for his birthday!


  1. Nicco ROCKS!! I am glad you are back! YES! Missed you much!

  2. It was sooo much fun! I cannot wait to go back and do Angels Landing!!!

  3. Soooo awesome! That boy of your kicks some ass and definitely needs a camera. So glad your back and miss you bunches!

  4. I am glad we are home too. I have this strange feeling that our lives are now going to revolve around planning our next trip! The rest of my existence is going to be either on a trip or saving and planning for the next one. It was a wonderful wonderful experiance.