Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tiny Toms? Hell yes!

Do my kids need Tiny Toms?  Well no actually.  Actually it makes my heart palpitate just thinking about buying them shoes that cost 30 dollars.  My adorable little punks would lose one within a half hour and it wouldn't resurface until they had grown out of them.  Or they would pull that classic feet growing two sizes during the night thing.  I swear that they do that on purpose!  But for some reason a pair of Tiny Toms just seems right.  It might be the name.  Who can resist the name Tiny Tom?  It is like a cruel reference to Tiny Tim, right?  Like your kids need them to not look and feel like a little malnourished kid with a limp.  Plus the people at Toms pay it forward!  I felt super charitable when I bought my first pair.  I sound like I am trying to talk myself into them because I am trying to talk myself into them!  

 Aren't these Ash ones great?  They would go with everything Nicco owns.

Boat shoes!  AAAHHH!  I am dying!

 And Lola needs pink sparkle shoes.  I am getting sick of looking at her Dora shoes.  Even if she does love them...... mean mommy?  Yeah maybe

To tell you the truth I am in love with these because the sole matches the top.  I love little details like that!

Decisions decisions!  What to do what to do!

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