Tuesday, June 21, 2011

cinnamon roll waffles, literally

Don't those look good?  And they are insanely easy!  I got the idea originally from Plain Chicken.  Awesome food blog by the way!  She did it with refrigerator biscuits.  Ingenious, no?!  I decided to take it a step further!  I took the refrigerator cinnamon rolls and flattened them and stuck them all up in the belgium waffle maker.  Then I just put the frosting that came in the tube over them.  How can I even do a recipe?


refrigerator cinnamon rolls
frosting that comes in the tube

Pop tube and flatten each cinnamon roll.  Stick on waffle maker.  Cook 2-4 minutes.  Pull out and frost.

Yeah ridiculous recipe.  Not even really a recipe.  Anyway... try it cause you will really like it!  My one suggestion is to get the big cinnamon rolls.  They will fill out the waffler better.


  1. What an easy way to make cinnamon rolls without heating up the kitchen.. LOVE IT!!! Thanks for helping to make my Sunday mornings easier and more delicious!!

  2. Oh you are welcome Tracey! I just stole the idea! hehe!