Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Yay books!

In keeping with my resolution of knocking things off my 27 before 28 list I finished a book!  It is called A Discovery of Witches and was it ever a good one.  It is the first in the All Souls trilogy by 
Deborah Harkness.  The next doesn't come out until July 2012.  Of course that is so typical.  Why do you always have to wait 14 years for a sequel to a beloved book to come out?  WHY!?  Obviously, I can't wait!  I love books about mythical creatures and this one is chock full in a modern and cool way.  The main character is Diana Bishop and she is a witch.  Oh and she falls for a vampire.  Yeah it is awesome!  The story of Diana and Matthew (the vampire) is the best part of the book.  It is tender and sweet and crazy passionate.  If you enjoy a good mythical creature romance then this will be right up your alley.

The book starts out with Diana finding the Ashmole 782.  It is an old book about alchemy and is wanted by all the creatures.  They all think that it tells about the beginnings of the creatures.  Diana has always denied her powers as a witch and has no idea how she called the book to her.  Turns out she is a crazy powerful witch who doesn't know how to control her magic.  The story gets good!  The book is long but a pretty easy read.  Highly recommended!  It is available here on Amazon but you can also get it at Barnes and Noble.

3 books down and 9 more to go!  

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