Saturday, January 28, 2012

Link A Day

I am thinking that these big paper wheels might be perfect for my new years resolution of of crafting something every week and also for a corner of the kids room.

Or maybe these DIY mary jane shoes from House of Humble.  How about both?!

I love the prints from the Etsy shop Handz!  Like this one might needs to find itself a place up on my walls! 

Anyone else love shutterbean?  cause I do!  I check it pretty much everyday.  These fantastic looking freezer burritos have been on my to-try list for a long flipping time!  I am going to customize them to fit my family's likes.  Sweet!

I want to try my hand at making this liquid dish soap.  I am hoping it works as well as the author says it does!!

Is anyone thinking of doing this February photo challenge from Fat Mum Slim?  I am thinking of doing it just for myself.  Her January one was crazy popular!!

I loved this post on petit elephant about not waiting for a special occasion but to make everyday special.  I needed to read it.  Now to put it into action!  

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