Saturday, January 21, 2012

Link A Day

This is perfect with Valentines day coming up!  Notes are sweet but they are a million times sweeter when they look like a heart!

A sweet little heart necklace+ initials= awesome! 

I need this article!  It shows you home remedies for cleaning.  I LOVE it!

WOWZA!!  This top is rad!!!  Perfect for sipping tea in a little corner cafe or a night out.  Double threat!

This is a must read for any mom.  It helps put things into perspective!

I love refinery 29.  They never disappoint and this slide show showing how to make 4 different embellished collars certainly doesn't! 

These trivets from the great ladies of Prudent baby are great!  What a wonderful way to keep some of your children's art work.  Or your own artwork even!

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