Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!!


I hope everyone had a happy New Years!  Mine was great.  We spent the evening at a good friends playing fruit ninja and watching Dick Clarks Rocking New Year's Eve.  OH and of course we had excellent food- that is just a given.  Nicco lasted til midnight and Lola lasted until 11:28 and 30 seconds.  It was great and very relaxed.  Such a wonderful way to start 2012.  I hope the whole year is filled with happy memories.   2011 challenged me a lot.  I am ready for some sunshine!

I have been thinking about my New Years resolutions a lot.  I am mostly just sticking with my 27 before 28 list.  Those are really all the goals I need.  My goal is to stop procrastinating and actually get some of them done!  But of course I am adding a few to the mix- can't help myself and all!  the new additions are:

*create a crafty project every week.  This one was inspired by Emma of Food Coma.  She posted about how to make and keep resolutions here on A Beautiful Mess.

*Make mine and the kids space more cozy and put together.  This goes right along with my first resolution.  I have never really decorated my room or the kids room.  I figured that our time here was going to be short so why bother but I am feeling the need to nest.  I am hoping to thrift and DIY most of the decor.

*Hike 50 miles over the course 2012.  I love hiking and want to start back up.  This is more of a family goal.  We are hoping the kids can handle it!  Our first one is this Saturday if the weather holds up.

*Build up our savings!!!  I am awful at saving but it needs to get done.  It will give us more peace of mind.  And that is worth its weight in gold peeps!

*I am going to do my hair 4 out of 7 days as well.  4 is a pathetic number but I know it is do-able!  

*and last but certainly not least- Date my husband!  I want more mini dates and more big dates with him.  A weekly one to be more precise. 

I am resolved (haha) and ready for some action folks!



  1. Cutie! Great resolutions! Hope 2012 is a wonderful year to you.
    xo, Kinsey

  2. So glad you had a wonderful New year's Eve.. I love your 27 before 28.. a great Idea!! Good luck in making that list disappear!... I have a lot on my mind for this year too.. I'll have to blog about it soon!! Have a great day!