Saturday, January 14, 2012

LInk A Day

Sorry I have been a little MIA.  This week has been a wild one!  We were rear-ended on Monday and we have been dealing with all that goes along with an accident.  I will say that Geico has been nothing but great to work with.  I am more than a little bit impressed.  Like I might switch over from my current insurance.  I am unfortunately in a neck brace for a week or so.  And our car is most likely totaled.  No bueno.  However, it could be so so much worse so I can't really complain!  The kids are totally fine- which is what I was most worried about.  You have no idea how grateful I am for 5 point car seats!!!!!  Nick is also pretty much okay- he had to take the week off but to be totally honest it has been nice to have him home!  Any ways.... lets move on to the links:    

Paper airplanes are big around my house right now!  This list of 10 different folding techniques is great.

This scarf is a little bit of heaven!  As is the blog it comes from!

I really like foxes and this little ring is perfection.

I have bought a ridiculous amount of eye shadow that I will never use in a million bagillion years.  BUT now I will use it to make awesome nail polish!  As if I needed an excuse to but more crazy eye shadows.  

Speaking of nail polish- this tutorial to make strawberry nails is a scream!  A perfect little spot of summer during these dreary winter months.

OM Gosh!!- home-made pixie stix?  Yeah sign me up!! 

I am thinking that with this little tutorial's help that I might actually be able to wear some false eyelashes.  I even have a wedding in June that I can wear them to!    


  1. I am so sorry about your accident! i hope that all recover quickly! thanks for sharing all the great links you have posted, but mostly, thanks for updating on your family! Get well soon!!

  2. Thanks Tracey! We are getting along! I can't complain because it really could have been worse.