Friday, January 6, 2012

hill billy nail stylings

That down there below is the new manicure I just gave myself last night.  Sorry for the low quality picture- my camera is on its last legs.  Not that it was great before but the thing is set at the widest angle and will not focus back in.  WEIRD?!  I hates it.  Time for a big kid camera I think.  Anyway....

I thought I was being oh so cool and chic with my color palette.  But now when I look at it I see a hill billy's mouth chock full of bad teeth with a single gold one thrown in there for good measure.  Now the dilemma starts.  Do I remove it and re do it or just leave it until it starts chipping off?  Painting my nails is hard for me peeps!  Super rough life, right? 

* on a side note.... do any of you ever feel like dark nail polish is suffocating your fingers?  Or like it weighs a ton?  Is it just me?  It may be coming off to save my nails from certain death by dark suffocation!  Oh the horror!!!!!    

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