Wednesday, November 2, 2011

This was Halloween!

Yay Halloween!!  I loved halloween this year.  The kiddos loved it as well!  They chose their costumes for the first time this year and I really tried not to influence them.  No matter how bad I wanted too!!  It was also the first year that we went trick or treating in our neighborhood.  Crazy fun! We also went to a mall which I am now thinking was over-kill.

Yay Bumble Bee!! I have one obsessed little boy.  He adores Bumble Bee.  Like to the point where he sleeps with his Bumble Bee transformer!

Sweet cupcake!  Lola loved this costume so much that she hugged it when she saw it.  

Mall trick or treating. In the light and safe but kind of lame!! 

This is my favorite picture of the whole night.  Bumble Bee blur!  He was so excited to get to the next house.  

We went out with some of their cousins.  The older kids were super excited about helping Nicco and Lola.  It was so great because Nick had to work.  It is like herding cats sometimes with those two.  You need help for sure!

After trick or treating we headed over to a friends for a party.  I wish I had gotten more pictures.  They had probably 15+ pumpkins that took two days to carve!  And they looked like it!

This little zombie guy in their yard scared many a trick or treater.  It was super hilarious!

My friend Dani and her husband Mark went all out for their decorations!  She hand made all these bottles.  It was an amazing spread.

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  1. Wow.. looks like a great night. I love the kids costumes... how fun to let them pick out what they wanted. They did a great job! And that party looks pretty scary.. Love the bottles of "potions"...thanks for sharing such a fun night!