Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Link a Day

I think that this would be so delightful to have in my hair this Christmas season!  A perfect little topper!

Loving this!  3 easy fun ways to tie a scarf in your hair.  The post is in French but her pictures are so great that it is easy to figure out how she ties the scarves.  She actually uses the pictures as the instruction.  And while you are there stay and check things out because it is a delightful blog!

I made these this week and they are already gone!  I want to experiment with different candies and maybe even some nuts.

I heart bake-lite!  This necklace is pretty grand!

I think I might try and tackle this.  It is chic without being stuffy!

Danielle from Thompson Family-Life is doing 55 days of vintage Christmas!  This particular post made me heart skip a beat!  Oh those lights.  I would love to find something like that while thrifting.

This tutorial is exactly what I have been looking for!  I should have known Martha Stewart's talented peeps would have done one!  Monster mittens!!

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