Saturday, November 19, 2011

Link A Day

I really love fruit butters.  And I really love pumpkin so the two should naturally come together.  I found this easy recipe!  I am hoping it tastes as good as it looks.

   These will be a great thing to have around this holiday season to balance all the naughty foods I will be eating.  They aren't exactly healthy but they are the lesser of two evils!

And in direct response to that previous comment.  This post is a great pep talk to stay fit and healthy.  I have been needing a little inspiration in this respect.

This little print may be finding a new home on my wall!  It is perfect for me and the mister.

This conversation my husband had with my son is so funny!  Not too mention that I had pretty much the same one with him as well.

This bow tie is so darling and would be a perfect way to finish off any outfit!  Plus the price is not too shabby!

Everything from A Beautiful Mess is wonderful!  This 10 ways to make a garland post is perfect right now.  I am thinking homemade pom pom garland for our Christmas tree!  Which will be going up in T minus 6 days!

ONE extra little link- Paula Deen+pumpkin= perfection!  

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