Saturday, November 5, 2011

Link A Day

I want to make something along these lines for the kids for Christmas!  

Chicken Sesame Noodles?  Um yes please!!

This tutorial for Bokeh photos is awesome!  And for those of us that have a point and shoot camera- like myself- here is a tutorial for that too!

Super sweet Cameo necklace.  I L.O.V.E cameos period. 

I don't think that the sweet jessie blog has been updated since last year but start on Day 12 of her 12 days of Christmas and work your way back.  Totally delightful! 

OKay second recipe for the week and it happens to come from Framed Cooks again!  Mexican Meatball soup is making its way onto my menu this week! 

How smart is making a reusable swiffer sweeper?!  Love it!  Saves the earth and moolah!!

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