Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fun in the Leaves

Yay for Autumn!  We raked up the leaves and this kids of course jumped in them!  On a total random side note- I found out that I burned about 400 calories raking said leaves.  So I pretty much need to be constantly raking leaves the rest of my life to compensate for the food I eat!  Any way..... back to the cute kids!  They built castles and piles and all sorts of stuff.  It was so fun to watch them!!  Such a great fall day.  Perfectly chilly and beautiful sunshine.

Lola has an covered oreo face!  He he!!

Aren't they doll babies?  I think so!


  1. Oh, I remember those days with my kids.. I miss it terribly!! You are one lucky mom with those cute kids and being able to just play and be there with them. Hope you have a great day and love the pics of your children!!

  2. It was a great day! I wish I could be home with them more.