Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Leopard is a neutral dahling!

I think I want to add some leopard to my wardrobe.  Which is crazy go nuts because my whole life I thought that leopard was something tacky that little old ladies wore.  Plus if I am being totally honest the fact that I am slightly heavy put me off too.  The idea that I would actually be looking like a big old chunky cheetah was not something I was remotely willing to do!!  Body image issues much?!  ANy ways....I was totally wrong!  Now I want!  I want!  I need to start out small so I was thinking shoes maybe?  After all I believe it was Dianne Von Furstenburg that said leopard should be used as a neutral!

These shoes slay me!  They would also slay my pocket book so I will be putting my pennies away for them.  A goal!!  Every one needs a goal!

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