Sunday, November 13, 2011

Old Thankful Tom

I am trying really hard to not skip Thanksgiving and head straight into Christmas.  That is hard!!  It seems like the time just flies by after we get Halloween past us.  Then a few short weeks later it is Christmas and I find myself saying "Thanksgiving who?".  Well not this year!  I have a few activities I want to to do with the kids and I pledge to get them done!  The first one is a fantastic idea from Michael at life is all about things and stuff.  His family does a turkey every year and his beautiful feathers are filled with things that his family is thankful for.  I really loved this idea when I saw it here on his blog.  I feel like we all need to be reminded that we are truly blessed.

So old Tom is up and he already has some feathers.  Some are funny and some are serious and I love it already!

I was able to find that turkey on a site that has free coloring pages and I made his feathers out of construction paper.  Not as fancy as Michaels but it gets the job done!!  I will be sure to post some pictures before Thanksgiving and show our progress.

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