Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Oh thank heaven.... a haiku

So on Friday the chitluns and I went to 7-11 to get them each a slurpee because I was too cheap to pay for a treat at the zoo.  Yeah I am that mom!  Anywhoo....  I got them each their cup, filled them on up, put the lids on firmly and set out for the register to pay.  Next I hear a sound of disgust come from the little lips of my boy.  I turn around and what do I see?  Freaking slurpee all over the floor and a popped off lid.  I run back and get him a new lid and fill his cup back up.  I then proceed to the register feeling like a jack-a to tell the clerk that I need some help cleaning it up.  After I had begun to tell the clerk about it he stops me mid sentence and says oh I need you to speak up!  I can't hear a word you are saying.  He then mocked the way I was speaking to him.  I was like excuse me?!  I apologized to him- trying to stay civil.  However I changed my mind about helping clean up the mess.  I told him we made a mess and it needs to be cleaned up.  He then asks me oh is it a big mess?  oh yeah?  Hmmm!?  Needless to say I was about to grab two handfuls of his Ace Ventura hair-do and run for the door.  He eventually let me pay and we got out of there.  Before he got his butt kicked up into his throat!  I blame the whole situation on the stupid slurpee cup that was warped.  And the jerk clerk.  Welcome to my life.

OH thank heaven

Freaking slurpee lid
Pops off and makes a big mess
 hey clerk kiss my butt


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