Saturday, August 4, 2012

Link A Day

Summer is almost over!  We have less than a month left before school starts for the boy.  That thought has been nagging me at the back of my mind.  We have had the lamest summer ever and now that means something because it is our first official summer vacation.  Crunch time!  This week the kids and I went and watched the last tee-ball game of our best little friend.  Nicco was thinking he wanted to play tee-ball but I think that soccer was the official final decision.  Lola wanted to play soccer the second it was suggested.  I can't wait for them to play!  With the soccer program we are doing the two of them will go on different nights and be on different teams.  Which is so fantastic!  This way they can both play but be their own people.  They have been becoming a two-headed monster.  Which is not a bad thing per-say but it will be fun for them to have some separation.  Lola and I are on our way out the door to her first girlfriend birthday party for her friend Halli.  No boys allowed!  All princess themed out.  Yet another step to them becoming Nicco and Lola and not Nola.  Nola?  Hmmmm- yeah I am going with it.  While I am out enjoy these links!    

I admit that I would prefer a Diana camera to a Diana lens for our cannon.  However maybe I want both.  I can be fickle like that.

Read this!  OVER.AND.OVER!  We all think we are too busy to have a life but a life is what is worth living for!  Did I confuse anybody else?  

I need to figure out the calories for these fancy rice krispies because I am going to make them and eat them.  Lots of them.

We are making some indian fry bread today for navajo tacos!  And of course we will have some fry bread left over since I like to make an over abundance of fried crap to tempt me and ruin my current weight loss plan.  Anywho.... this honey butter would be fabulous on it!

For all the lovely people out there who love making lists and are planning a party- these free printables from A Pair of Pears are frickin cute!

This looks like the perfect simple summer meal.  I heart shrimp even if they do make me break out in hives until I look like a lizard.

Am I a crazy person for thinking about Christmas already?  I can't help myself I love love love the Christmas season!  I am thinking that this hot cocoa ornament would be a lovely addition to our tree!

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