Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Weight Loss week 2&3 combined

OH weight loss... I love and hate the process of losing weight.  I got so excited over some weight loss that I gained weight.  5 pounds to be exact!  BOO!  I am a little angry with myself right now.  This is a pretty typical thing for me to do.  I think that I lost some weight easy peasy so I can let my guard down.  But unfortunately that is not the case right now.  I need to be pretty vigilant.  Not that I want my whole life to revolve around losing weight.  On the other hand my life needs to revolve around it!  I know there are a lot of people that think you can be seriously overweight and be healthy but I have yet to have a doctor or read a study that says that.  To each their own but I do know for sure that this body I have created is not a healthy one.  All the signs point to serious issues down the road.  I have no stamina and my lungs hurt when I exert myself.  I get tired after a few minutes of playing with the kids.  A flight of stairs winds me.  That is a clear indication that I am not healthy and need to change.  

So with that in mind I am doings something illogical!  I am going to stop counting my calories for the next month.  My girlfriend and I are doing a no-sugar challenge.  No sugar for a month!  I am a sugar fiend.  This next month should be interesting.  I really want to do this though.  However, I feel that if I am jonesing for sugar and counting calories I will go nuts.  So no calorie counts until September 19th.    

 Front view!

Side view!

back view(?)!

OH and I should add that I did lose some of that weight.  I am currently only .4 pounds over what I had originally lost.  SO my total weight loss is 8.4 pounds.  I am a big winey baby I guess!  Seeing the number go up on the scale sent me into a frenzy and I picked myself out of my cookie haze and recommitted!  

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