Saturday, August 25, 2012

Link A Day

photo taken by the hubs

My poor children have been without a night light in their room for a while.  I am wanting to find just the right one- as I am sick of buying things just out of necessity.  I am a crazy person I guess but I have made it my mission to only buy things that we absolutely LOVE- regardless of price!  Life is too short to just sort of like the things we own.  I rather have less and love it all than have a lot and just like it.  With that in mind I think we should make these glow stick lanterns to tide us over! 

We could use the lanterns in these cardboard houses!  Our kids would love to make these.  And the lantern wouldn't start them on fire.  Weird how my mind works!  Like the kids would ever have anything that would start a fire.

40 ways to feel more alive?  Sometimes these things are so cheesy but this is one is going to get printed and pasted on my wall.  Good advice!

Do you follow Aesthetic Outburst?  You should!  She just published a book with 21 crafty projects that looks super rad!

Want to learn how to fuse plastic bags?  Check this post out.  The possibilities are endless.  You could make gift tags or more re-usable bags.  Upcyle that shiz!

The air is starting to be crisp here in the mornings!  It has me thinking of fall and knitting.  I think I might try making this Bandana Cowl.  What?!  Freaking cute!

And while we are on the subject of fall how about these little Cinnamon Bones for Halloween morning?  And no it is not too early to be thinking about Halloween.  Or Christmas!

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