Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lola is a human name, right?

That is my sweet little Lola.  Lola is a family name and I love it!  I wanted to change my name to Lola when I was younger or add it in as my middle name.  The best thing about it is that it fits her perfectly.   She is a Lola and the Damn Yankees song is pretty accurate.  Whatever Lola wants Lola gets.  I have always been so happy with our choice but recently I have noticed that a lot of people name their pets Lola.  Did I give my daughter a dog name?!  Is this going to scar her?  And I am not exaggerating!  It is a freaking popular pet name.  I can give you two examples off the top of my head.  Leigh-Ann from a 
Freckled Nest has a Lola.  Oddly enough her Lola likes to eat paper and so does my Lola.  Weird.  And also Jessica from Don't Call Me Jessie just introduced her new cat named Lola.  WTF?!  All I can hope is that the pet named Lola trend goes away.  Far away!  I am not sure if that will happen.  I do know one thing for sure- my baby is so much cuter than any animal!  Take that pet owners with pets named Lola..... yeah that was not very good smack talk.


  1. I have a friend who named her sweet pup Lola as well. As someone who's recently deceased pup :( was given a human name I can say that a lot of people give pets HUMAN (key word being human) names because we think of them as our children! I've always and forever wanted to be a Mommy and someday I will be, but until them I will keep giving human names to my pets!

    Lola is a sweet name for a human girl. She's not scarred ;)

    1. I am sorry about your pup! I can see why people would name their animals human names now! It makes sense considering that they are part of the family and have little personalities.