Monday, August 20, 2012

Weight Loss... A Haiku

I have been MIA for quite a while!  We watched our friends house and dog for them while they were out of town for 8 days.  We left our computer at home because it is a desk top and it would have been a pain to drag down and all that jazz.  Note to self:  Buy a laptop next time!  Or in a perfect world have one in addition to a desk top!  It was nice to be mostly disconnected.  I still did instagram but that is pretty much it.  Unplugging is a really healthy thing to do.  At least for me.  It made me more in the moment.  I played more with the kids.  I cooked every night.  It was great!  I am off to enjoy the rest of the night with the kiddos but I will be back tomorrow with a weight loss update.  I will leave you with a haiku about my weight situation to tantalize you.  Really you could read this and not come back tomorrow! ;)

Weight loss haiku

I gained back some weight
Got lost in a cookie haze
It was pretty great  

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