Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lolas first haircut

So Lola decided to cut her hair. This is the first time I have had to deal with something like that. Nicco never cut his hair. I think that he loved the compliments about his long hair so much that he became very attached to his hair at a young age. He thought that having short hair made you a girl. That is probably my fault. Kept his hair long until he was old enough to have an opinion of his own ;). Not too mention that I told him I loved it every day.  Anywho... The other day I noticed that Lola had been too quiet for a minute too long. That is a common problem. When I called her name she came running up the stairs- with bangs. Yeah. So we told her not to cut her hair anymore and that scissors can be dangerous if used while not supervised. She told us that she wouldn't cut it again. To say we are a bit naive is a freaking understatement. Our first indication that we shouldn't trust our mischievous, conniving little 3 year old is that she wouldn't give up the location of the scissors. She was not about to show us to her secret stash of stuff.  She is keeping her mouth shut. That stash contains one of about all my pairs of shoes too. I should probably do some P.I. work and follow her...

SO continuing on.  The next day we got in the car and I noticed a little more of a "style" to her locks. Girl cut her hair again! Our conversation went a little like this:

Me: Lola did you cut your hair again?
Lola: Uh no
Me: Lola I can tell you cut your hair. Did you cut it?
Lola: Uh no
Me: I know you did. So did you cut it again?
Lola: Uh yeah
Me: You did a fabulous job but don't do it again!

And she actually totally rocked her haircut!! No whack job! I have heard some stories and seen some of the horrible things that kids do to themselves with scissors. Massacre. But my girl gave herself some bangs and some nice layers. It does need to be cleaned up a bit but really she kicked some serious booty. Both pictures are of her new 'do. I am a pretty proud momma! How do you get upset when all you feel is pride?

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