Monday, March 5, 2012

First Official Haircut

This last weekend my little man went from this:

and this:

through this:

and this:

and this

to end up like this: 

I am still a little emotional about it.  I was and still am in love with his long curly locks.  He looks a little bit like Dudley Moore now.  This was his first actual haircut.  It isn't exactly what I asked for but really what can I expect when the boy was crying?  I have to admit that it will be nice for his hair to not always look like it is on the verge of turning into dreadlocks.  Which would be totally rad except he is a little young still.  I would be the mom that wanted to give my kid dreadlocks for me and not because he chose it.  Plus the screaming, wailing and thrashing about that happened every time we brushed it was a big motivator.  We took him to a really old school barber shop.  It was pretty fantastic!  They were so nice but he was so upset while the woman was cutting his hair.  In fact when he saw it he told me that he looked like a girl now all the while he had huge tears rolling down his face!  I had to explain that most boys have short hair and girls usually have long hair.  My sweet boy!  He loves it now.  He gets upset when people touch it because they are "ruining" his hair.  It will take some getting used to but he is so handsome that it won't take long!   

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